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Ed -
Frame: Navy (Michigan)
Lens: Black Iridium

No surprise why this has been one of Oakley's longest running models. Minute takes the smooth lines of Eye Jacket and the more triangular lens shape of Straight Jacket, then shrinks the overall size a bit to provide a snug fit for the smaller-headed folk among us (both men and women equally well). Like other members of the Jacket family at that time, Minute has Unobtainium on the earstems but plain molded-in nosepieces. The earsocks have thin oval holes toward the back where the earstems poke through... a little unique flair to distinguish the styling a bit from other Jackets. The small, teardrop-shaped lenses fit well for those with flat noses and/or high cheekbones, as the upswept lower frame is less likely to rest on one's cheeks compared to other lens/frame geometries.

Like the Michigan XX, the Navy frame color is a paint finish over white O-Matter. The metal icons on the earstems are a light yellowish gold. The block M etched on the lower left lens completes the Michigan theme, but I still think Oakley should have used 24K for the lens color instead, especially since it was already available with other frame colors.
spin_nin -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

Best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. Bought them new at the Sunglass Hut many years ago and lost them the other day.

Very dark lenses - no one could see my eyes. Comfortable but they were a little small for my face.

They were in excellent condition. I have had 6 different pairs of Oakleys over the years - these had lasted me that long!

I'm on the search for a new set now. Maybe the Bottle Rocket or the discontinued Bottle caps.

I guess it was time to move on.
DarqueNess -
Frame: FMJ Red
Lens:Fire Iridium

This was my second pair of Oakley glasses. I left a pair of the silver and Ice at a rest stop. I loved these glasses. They felt very secure when wearing them and the fire iridium lens was great for even the sunniest days. I would still be wearing them if I hadn't broken the ear piece when i sat on them. Tried to get a replacement part from Oakley but they were out of stock.
Wicked Jayhawk -
Lens: gray polarized

These were my oakley "virgins" I love these glasses to this day in fact have two pair. Need nose & ear pieces for one, but they are solid durable and they look and hold up great!
Frame: FMJ 5.56
Lens: Polarized Fire

The contrast of blaze orange against the silver-white frame of this pair is amazing. Matching orange icons and Oakley logo on the nosebridge add additional visual appeal, and orange unobtainium earsocks provide additional comfort. Encased in a full metal jacket of Oakley's 5.56 finish, the frames have added strength. To top it all off, the fire lenses are polarized. No matter how you slice this loaf of bread, this is just one classic pair of Oakleys.

Frame: Polished rootbeer
Lens: vr28 black iridium

I once purchased I pair,but eventually I gave it away,since they were too small for me.No doubt they are great glasses,and they come in lots of colorways,but they just didn't fit me.It's a pity,because they have such a nice design.
O4life -
Frame: electric blue
Lens:black iridium
Minutes were one of the slickest styles when it first came out. it was my first bright colored pairs and pulled it off like no other.
plutonium54 -
Frame:black/pearl/polished rootbeer/polished aluminum/jet black
Lens: black iridium/vr28 black iridium/titanium iridium

In my opinion they are one of the most classic designs released from oakley ever.Traditional elements were fused together with o-matter and unobtainium in order to release the minute which by the way is a very succesful model in regard with sport activities.Yet,the minute can be worn with everything,and fits with everything since there is such a big variation of frames and lenses to choose from,that makes impossible not to find something that you like.
The frame is nice and slick.It adopts the face absolutely,and with the help of the unobtainium has a very tight grip on the head.While the minute was designed for small to medium heads,I find that it fits well to the larger faces like mine,with no visibility issues whatsoever.Even though there are no unobtainium nosebombs,the fit is still tight and secure and it feels like head and frame become one thing.
The oval shape of the lenses is both elegant and contemporary.I already have worn them in formal occasions,and they were matching good enough with the suit.having said that,it's important to point out that the lens coverage is satisfactory,and I never felt that the width of my field of vision wasn't enough.
Since they have the largest selection of frames and lenses,they are one of the most suitable models of oakley,for someone to start off,and hopefully start a collection,because one is just never enough!!!
Xtremehardy388 -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Gold Iridium

GREAT pair of Oakleys. Always served me well. The frames were very durable and lenses provided contrast in bright settings. They broke in a car accident but the lenses are still good! I'm very impressed
Ian -
Frame: Dark Blue
Lens: Black Iridium

These are just too small for a regular sized head. My brother has a pair that he loves, and his head is bigger than mine. They just look goofy on him. I think he only got his pair to "match" my Straight Jackets. With that said, they have some of the most interesting colorways outside of the Collector's Frogskins.
Slim84 -
Frame: FMJ Red
Lens: Fire Iridium

Well I have these for maybe 7 years now and they were my first oakley sunglasses. Thanks to them I started collecting oakley stuff. I still have them but last yaar one of the legs just broke so Im trying to find a new frame with the same color from which I can use the leg. Anyways they were absolutely perfect and after all these years they still look amazing. If I find the frame than Im definitely going to repair them or Ill buy a new ones for my little collection.
Frame: Blue Tortoise
Lens: Polarized Ice

After the disappointment of the standard (brown) tortoise frames, I had my suspicions that the blue tortoise frames would be similar. When the glasses arrived in the mail, my suspicions were confirmed: at a glance or from a distance the "tortoise" frames appeared to be marble-esque, giving the frame an interesting, dynamic look; upon close inspection, however, the "color change" in the frames appeared as if it was merely an enlargement of cheap newspaper clippings (very unnatural), almost resembling "small dots".

Of course, the o-matter frame was lightweight and durable, and being Minutes the glasses provided great coverage for smaller faces. Also, despite the drawback of the frame aesthetics the blue hue complimented the ice lenses and almost made them appear to "glow", and polarization enhanced the optics as well. In this particular pair, however, one of the lenses was loose in the orbital and I am assuming this was an anomaly and not due to a common defect for this specific frame/lens color combo.

Overall: a solid pair of shades, but given their pricepoint of $155 for an o-matter frame Oakley could have done more with the "tortoise" feature to make it appear more fluid and less fabricated.

teejz -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey Polarized

I've had these for quite some time now, my first Oakley. Perfect fit for me, perfect wrap for my face. A really good budget pair, if you're looking for one. Time for me to get new lenses because of 'use and abuse'. but the frames are still perfect. Really sturdy construction...

When going out, it's nice that it doesn't have that trademark "Oakley" branding. It looks better too.

And of course the cool rainbows you see on car windshields while driving because of the Polarized lenses... =)
Matt SG -
Frame: FMJ 5.56

My first Oakleys!!! I've had these for like, 7 years now, bought them in 2000 in NZ, while on overseas army training. I remember I searched high and low around the streets of Auckland till I found this pair in the exact lens colour and frames, which I wanted. Since then, I've replaced the frames (it snapped at the bridge, I crushed it :p) at my local service center, which most prob shipped it to the US to install. I specifically asked for the exact same FMJ frames again with blue "O" logos to match the ice iridium lenses. The new FMJ material is thicker and less prone to snapping than the frames I got back in 2000. But I actually prefer the look of the old frames more (they're more shiny)...

The Unobtainium earsockets are grippy and comfortable. The only complaint I have is the bridge part doesn't have Unobtainium and doesn't fit my nose too well (I'm Chinese) and they didn't (and still don't) have an Asian fit. All in a fantastic pair of specs. These minutes rock!!!
oakleyman_69 -
Frame: Pearl
Lens: Ice Iridium

Fantastic glasses, very rare. Always sure to attract attention because of the loude pearl frame and the unique ice lenses. Love the Ice on sunny days when I am lifeguarding. Also love the way the pearl frame really stands out on my tan skin.

Frame: Cobalt
Lens: +Red Iridium

Having one of the longest product life-cyles of any Oakley eyewear, the Minute offers a unisex style for smaller profiles. The wrap and rake of the lens/frame configuration also provides great coverage and protection on the periphery, and the unobtainium earsocks offer additional comfort. For this particular color combo, the "royal blue" color of the frame compliments the +Red Iridium nicely. Since this pair is becoming more and more difficult to find, you may want to pick them up quickly if you happen to find them...
Victor_B -
Frame: FMJ Gunmetal
Lens: Fire Iridium
I'm gonna have to say that the Minute is the best Oakley for sports. They are light weight, smaller FMJ, good wrap, very durable and over all great feel. I use these whenever i'm out playing sports and they stay firmly in place. The gunmetal frame with fire lens looks so awesome, i always get looks with the combo.
jumpman73 -
Frame: Powder Blue (UNC)
Lens: Black Iridium

These are very nice color combo to represent UNC. The powder blue really stands out and is pretty unique. Its too bad they didn't mix this with an Ice iridium lens. The minutes don't fit me very well. They are kind of small but other than that they are light weight.
adrian13 -
Frame: fmj platinum gen 1
Lens: gold iridium

looked really flashy at the time i bought them for my then-girlfriend, but it was the only frame that could fit her. she loved the look and has had it for over 7 years. even though the frame has discolored and the lens coating peeled off, she stil keeps them. 4 skulls before it started peeling.
ball5out -
Frame: pearl white
Lens: fire
pretty snug on my face. I could run jump and do anything with them on and not owrry about it poping off my face
Lali -
Frame: Code Blue
Lens: Black Iridium

These where my first Oakley purchase long time ago. It was very nice to wear, but I don't like O-Matter glasses no more. It's a very light glass, but heavy-duty though.
Rick -
Frame: Electric Mustard
Lens: Fire Iridium
Found them in a Dairy Queen bathroom and thought they were fakes. Little did I know they were a limited edition that were only available in Canada through select Sport Chek locations. I believe they were available elsewhere outside Canada, but I have it on pretty good authority that they were a limited edition in Canada. Could be wrong though. I ended up turning them in, but a little part of me wished I had a pair. A very flashy and youthful color combination that made the otherwise sedate Minute frame look fun and crazy. Would match the Electric Mustard EJ quite well.
Ofan -
Frame: Silver
Lens:Black Iridium

The Classic Pair! These are my very first Oakleys(5 yrs. old). It's a little worn now(lenses) but I still use it often.
Dann -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: Light Blue

Picked these up as one of the unique colorways that came out back in the day. The minutes gave us a lot of variety to choose from and the Light Blue lens is a good evening tint. I leave them on my shelf for the collection, but I imagine they'd serve their purpose.
Munkfish -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

The classic pair - the first I purchased. Very comfortable, tight fit, and look good on pretty much anyone! Also aggressively priced, but unfortunately seem to be copied everywhere, and are not a favourite with 'Oakley snobs!'
jumpman73 -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

These kind of look like a Penny. Anyways, they look pretty nice but they just didn't fit on me very well. These kind of floated above my nose. Other than that they are cool.
siberyan -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Ice iridium
The silver frame isn't one of the bests, but the ice lenses are really beatiful from the outside and have a very good vision to look through.
siberyan -
Frame: FMJ Gunmetal
Lens: Ruby Iridium
The minutes are cheap sunglasses with very good quality.
They hanven't anything in special, but still look Oakley, and that's enough.
If you haven't much money to spend with singlasses, Minutes are an excelent option.
This Gunmetal fame is simply beatiful and perfect. The fire lenses are awesome from outside but very bad to look through
hillinsnow -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: H.I.Blue

Straight Jacket > Twenty(XX) > Minute in sizes. Those three are quite similar in style. All nicely fit on Asian faces. Minute is quite popular and readily available but this lens option-H.I.Blue- is rare. Great for night vision. Blue coating on the lens makes this more unique and increses contrast. Great for night sports.
american image -
Frame: tortoise
Lens: gold

it is actually my wife's , but she loved it , great fit, and overall good styling. she stopped wearing them because they became the most copied piece of eyewear ever. too bad.
a lot of colors, for a lot of different people. sold really well up untill 2004. never my favorite
splatter -
Frame: Rootbeer
Lens: Gold Iridium

the only Oakleys i have ever lost. They were great to knock around in.
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

At one point, and there's still lots of them... everyone and they're dog had them. Probably the most common Oaks out there. Fits smaller and a bit narrower compared to most O-Matter frames, which would be a great feature especially for small faces and active people. If you can get your hands on some different colored earsocks and lenses, since they came out with a billion of them... mix and match them -- so many ways to personalize these babies.
TekDragon -
Frame: FMJ Gunmetal, Rootbeer
Lens: Fire, Gold
Minutes are easily one of the most popular styles Oakley has ever made. I really like the color of the gunmetal frame and it made the lenes and metallic "O" really stand out. I think I'm going to get rid of the Rootbeer pair though, they're kind of boring. These were also a great style for women, particularly the "style" pairs (Light blue frame/lens, Purple/Violet lens).
LEX7 -

well this is my last pair of minutes cos i think i now have all the best frame colours, this is a great combo, sparkly purple frame with a nice pale violet lens, not good for out in the sun so im keeping these in the collection.
Rick -
Frame: FMJ Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium
Very popular and becoming outdated, but still a solid pair of sunnies. They have universal appeal and there's bound to be a color to suit your fancy. The price is definitely right.
LEX7 -
Frame:Electric Violet FMJ
Lens:Black Iridium

oops i did it again,
brought these girly glasses purely for the frame colour, which is awesome, FMJ is just cool!
a beautiful bright metalic purple finish.
same as electric blue but pruple.
dunno why these came with BI lens, would look way better with a violet lens.
Tick -
Lens: Black
I think that this is probably the best universal fit for many facial type of all the Oakleys especially at the price. A great classic with so many colorway choices, I hope they never drop it.
Wassaaaaaaaaaap -
Frame: Jet Black (Hawaii) Minute, XX (Twenty), M Frame
Lens: Emerald

I have to say that I agreee with King in that, without the emotion for the schools, I didn't really care for most of the color combos for this line. That being said, I think that there are some pretty awesome combos as well, for this line. Many of you may not be familiar with the University of Hawaii's teams or colors but this color combo is fantastic. The fact that these are now becoming somewhat of a collector's item adds to it's desirability. I know that there is a minute combo similar to these that is also out of production but still available through some venues. The difference between that one and the UH model is the laser etched "H" and the wording and side "O"s are emerald green on the UH one and there is no "H" and the lettering and side "O"s are silver. The XX and M frames have the jet black frames as well. The XX color combo, to the best of my knowledge, is unique. I am not positive, but I believe that there is no Emerald lens available for the m frames which makes it even more of a collector's item. The University of Hawaii collegiate line is one worth getting if you can.
sparra -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Black Iridium

Very common now in the UK, but still a great glass that tends to fit a lot of faces very well. Built well and look pretty cool, despite the relatively simplistic design. Certainly an excellent choice for a budget buy, though I'd choose XXs over Minutes.
Wassaaaaaaaaaap -
Frame: All
Lens: All

This is the model that I have the most of. It just suites me best. This model is not for everyone because eveyone's face has a different size and shape to it. Not every color combo is the best for me but that is true of all models. Disclaimers been said, I have a lot of the color combos in this line. I gotta say that most of the color combos are excellent, in my opinion. My favs are the gunmetal frames with emerald and fire, Jet Black with ruby, titanium, and emerald, Metallic Black with Black polarized, and the Polished Aluminum and Chrome with Black iridium. Excellent line for my needs and the price is reasonable.
dan-E -
Frame: Code Blue
Lens: Black Iridium

A female friend of mine wears these all the time. They're actually her husband's but, well... Anyway, they look great on her and she loves them. For me, they're a little small for my big noggin but when I wear them they feel nice and snug. The blue frame with the black lenses look cool, too.
LEX7 -
Frame:Blue Tortoise
Lens:Ice Iridium Polarized

Once again i hate minutes but i wanted 2 of them for the collection and i think i have chosen the best 2, so now im done with minutes.
this is such a great combo though so you should probably grab it while you can if your a minute fan.
LEX7 -
Frame:Crystal Blue w/Shooting Star Print
Lens:Ice Iridium

I HATE minutes, they are too tight and they are an awful shape. Im sure these were made for women.
the only reason i got these is cos of the super cool frame colour.

oogie -
Frame: Tortois
Lens: Gold

Great for small heads. Admittantly, my head is just too big to be wearing the minutes and fives. But I will say the minute is a great style and a pretty universally likeable look.
x-metalman -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Ice Iridium
The are great glasses for someone who wants Oakley quality and style, but not at X-Metal prices, and who have small heads.
EastCoast -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

These are the most common style where I live. I tried them on; way too small for me. Which is funny, because I see so many people with big heads wearing these - they must want to be trendy. My advice: get a pair that fits you, especially considering these are suited for smaller heads / women.

I give these a four anyway because they do what they are supposed to do and at a good price. The peek-a-boo cut on the earsocks is a nice touch.
banarno -
Frame: Powder
Lens: Black Iridium
One of Oakleys longest standing products and there first true unisex sunglass.
Comfortable,lightweight,robust and good clarity of optics.
A good all rounder.
Jonathan Tung -
Frame: FMJ 5.56
Lens: Black Iridium

These fit me well. Too well.

They wrap my head and match the contours of my face so well in fact that fogging of the lenses is imminent.

For the few brief seconds that I can see myself in the mirror however, they fit and look terrific. They're a little smaller than the Twenty, and a little more sleek than the Straight Jacket.

Although I like the Minutes a lot; and although they fit my face so snugly, I can't give them a poor mark because I think the quality is there. They don't have any major features with which I have great problems (spring hinges).

Both of my Minutes now belong to my girlfriend. I gave her a pair of Code Blue/ Black Iridium for X-Mas; but I don't know exactly what happened when it comes to my FMJs.....
LEX7 -

Again, these glasses come in some amazing colour combos and special frames that are only available in the minute and they are too small for my head/face.
Id love the following to be made into straight jackets or twentys so I could have the frame colour.
1.Crystal Blue w/Shooting Star Print/Ice Iridium
2.Copper/VR28 Black Iridium
3.Polished Rootbeer/Gold Iridium Polarized
4.Bright Orange Tortoise/VR28 Black Iridium

Another pair to stay away from if you have a big head/face like me.
adamjmoore -
Frame: Crystal Blue
Lens: 24K Iridium
Love the crystal blue frame, in anything other than bright sunshine it looks opaque but when the sun shines on it is has has a nice translucent effect. In my opinion the minute frame suits smaller faces.
Dann -
I bought a pair of these once, and they didn't end up looking much like the image on the Oakley site, they were a little too feminine, so I gave them to my sister. The fit was nice thought for a lower end pair. A little snug, but with good construction.
JL -
Frame: Code Blue
Lens: Black Iridium

What can I say, i've had mine for years and no complaints. These are the perfect sunglass with style and you can never imagine these going out of fashion. Code Blue has a slight metallic sparkle to the frame and the lenses are fantastic.
BrianJ1888 -
Frame: Pearl
Lens: Ice Iridium
Bottom Line: awesome glasses. Nice tight wrap, no slipping, super durable. Had mine for 4 years before UV damage cracked the top of the right orbital. Thank god for warranty work. Of course, they have their faults... the stems aren't as sturdy as the frame, the lettering on the bridge wears off (an Oakley trademark) and I don't have polarized lenses. All together the best first pair of oak leys you can buy.
luke -
Frame: FMJ Gunmetal
Lens: Fire Iridium

This is my first Oakley that I've gotten. It's been almost 3 years and I still love it, cuz it's lighter than my other models. Great for sports. It fits perfectly for my face frame.

My only prob... it fits too well. For some strange reason, my right lens always fog up... Something wrong with my right eye, I guess. Could be breathing through the eye socket. hehe
Adam -
Frame: Pearl
Lens: Ice Iridium

These are truly the best Oakley's ever made. They are cool and functional at the same time. This is a 2003 year color combo, not listed. Definitely worth the low amount of money. They are good for small to medium faces.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Tortoise
Lens: Gold

It was great to get a smaller frame Jacket when the Fives were the only other option for size. They sold very well too, especially Powder (which used to be FMJ and then started showing up as paint) and FML Violet, which I don't see listed. The triangular lens was nice and I loved the "O" fashioned out of the frame as the x-metals are. These had metal "O"s a year later from release. The Tortoise frame was nice if you wanted a choice from Rootbeer and if you looked close it was a weird stipple print unlike other Tortoise frames.
Tim -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

Well, I really am surprised that no-one has reviewed these. Over here in the UK, these are definitely the most common glasses, and for a very good reason. Even though they are one of the cheapest in the range (my first pair) they are brilliant.

They are quite tight, so feel more secure for sports than splices, but not excessively. The lenses are great, and offer good range of vision.

If you are on a budget, or just don't want to spend the cash on another pair, go for these!
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